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Our Symphony Orchestra has its own website and blog.
Check it out at http://www.ocms-so.org/
The Ontario Cross-Cultural Music Society Youth Symphony Orchestra, OCMS-YSO, was founded in April 1999 with the vision of providing opportunities for young musicians to strive for excellence in orchestral performance and to develop enthusiasm in music making and appreciation. Originally called The Overseas Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra (Ontario), OCMS-YSO is one of the music groups operated under the auspices of the Overseas Chinese Music Society of Ontario - a charitable organization incorporated in 1996 in Ontario, Canada.  Under the supervision of its music director and conductor, Mr. Chuen Tam, and the support of a group dedicated members and enthusiastic parents, the Orchestra had rapidly grown to its current size of over 50 performers. The OCMS-YSO is one the few cultural groups in the Greater Toronto Area that provides talented young musicians with high standard musical training and performance opportunities.
In March 2003, the orchestra went on a two day out of town trip to Ottawa and held a Joint Concert, “YOUTH SHINES” with the Ottawa Chinese You-In Chorus in the Bronson Centre Centre. It was a success and valuable experience to our members. The OCMS-YSO is currently run by a committee comprising mostly of senior members from the orchestra itself, bringing to light the enthusiasm and devotion of the orchestra’s own members.  Ever since its establishment, performances made by the orchestra - many of which took place in prestigious concert halls - were of superior standard and received high acclaim from critics. 
In May 2006, OCMS-YSO has held its 7th annual concert in the newly inaugurated Accolade East Recital Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the York University. In Jun 2007, OCMS-YSO had held its 8th annual concert jointly with the Spring Vocalists to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. In her 9th annual concert on May 24,2008,  there was fund-raising to save up for this 10th Anniversary Celebration concert tour in which half of the donations collected were given up and donated to the China Sichuan province earthquake disaster relief campaign. A concert tour was organized in May 2009 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of establishment of the Youth Symphony Orchestra. It commenced with the first concert held in Markham Chinese Baptist Church, Markham followed by a coach tour during the Victoria Day weekend to Ottawa and Montreal where the other concerts were held in Dominion-Chalmers United Church, Ottawa and Monument National Theatre, Montreal.